mardi 1 novembre 2011

"You know how I like to check in to Hotels"

Yo !

So yesterday was my second Halloween in Japan and this time I decided to do something completely different from last time ( Minnie mouse !) . 

My first idea was  "little red riding hood" but after I heard that someone else was going to be that too I had to find another idea really quick !
 I saw a picture on my computer of Mathilda from the movie Leon and that was it.

So a few days later I had the wig ( really cheap 1500yen : 15euros and good quality ! you can get anything in japan it's amazing. Mostly it's because lots of girls here wear wigs all the time too ), I already had the glasses so that was easy, I just bought a cheap shirt that I cut  and borrowed a jacket from Chops (thanks again !)

But then  something was missing...... LEON !!

So I asked my fiend Gabriel if he wanted to be my Leon 'cause he already had the same glasses too and that was it !

What do you think ??

Ones of my favorites costumes, another character from a movie ! Alex from the "clockwork Orange"

San Goku

And mister Charlie Chaplin !