lundi 27 février 2012

Photoshoot JAP hair salon

Yo !

Here are some pictures of the last photo shoot I did for Jap hair salon.
Once again it was for a hair modeling contest and the theme was British punk.

We used a short black hair wig and the result is close to the metamorphosis !

As you can see it's HARD to recognize myself when I see those pictures, I look soooo different right ?

Bonus (!)

Here's one "backstage" picture.

I also did two different photo shoot the last two weeks for 2 different brands. ( For the website Rakuten and a clothes brand "magali"

I'll upload the pics as soon as I get it gets online !

mardi 14 février 2012

Rakuten oshare website this week !!

Je sais que c'est dur à croire mais c'est bien moi avec de multiples perruques différentes !!
La suite viendra petit à petit !

I'm on the rakuten Oshare website this week !
I know it's REALLY hard to believe but IT IS actually me with thousands of different wigs !
The rest will come later :)