jeudi 17 mai 2012

Hair Modeling

Trace Hair Salon

Ken Chan and Morishita Kun

Physio Hair Salon

This month is crazy busy !

Have already done two photo shoots the past month and have three other ones on the way for May and June!  Yay !

The first set of pictures is for the Trace Hair Salon in Osaka. 
Ok, I know how it may look like but don't be fooled by the outfit it's not gonna be "sexy"!
The idea was "edgy and broken poses".
I really, really enjoyed this photo shoot and can't wait to see the actual pics !!! I think it looked really cool!

The second set of pics was taken at the studio with my friends Ken chan (Hair and Make Up) and Morishita kun (Photographer) two weeks ago.
The inspiration for this photo shoot was the french movie "Amelie Poulain" so he moved my hair up to make it look short and did an oldies style make-up which was really pretty.

As for the last  set of pics , they were taken today at the Physio Hair Salon for which I've already worked last year ( my first "hair show" in april 2011).
Remember I had "the earth" on my head???

This time it's gonna be for their magazine !

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